How to Get Rid of Ants Using Vinegar

It is not that often that we encounter ants in our house. However, once we do, they can contaminate our food supply by the microorganisms that they carry. Some of them can also cause damages on our structure. Most of the control methods that you can use involves the use of chemicals. However, if you plan to use the natural solution, there are simple home remedies that you can use.

Using Vinegar as Repellent

Perhaps one of the most popular home remedies for ant control would be vinegar. The strong scent of the vinegar will mask the chemical cues that the ants are releasing and will make it difficult for the other members of the colony to catch the trail pheromones.

Vinegar and Ants

Unlike the protein and sweets, ants will not be attracted by vinegars. Therefore, it will be effective to keep the ants out of your house. Ants hate the presence of vinegar since they interfere with their scent trail. If your ant problem is not too serious, then vinegar might be a solution that is ideal for you. When ants are moving, they will be releasing a trail of pheromones that will lead the other ants to the resources. By using vinegar solution, the pheromones that they release will be concealed that will make it difficult for them to follow the food source.

How to Create A Vinegar Solution?

To start, you should mix an equal part of vinegar and water. If you want to improve the efficacy and smell of the vinegar solution, you may add essential oils. Some of the essential oils that have been proven effective against ants are tea tree oil and peppermint oil. Just like the vinegar, they also act by masking the trail pheromones of the ants. Place the solution inside a spray bottle and spray it directly on the trail of the ants. You may also apply it on the entry points. Since the solution will dissipate, you will have to apply it everyday until you noticed an apparent change on your situation.

Are There Any Related Risks with the Use of Vinegar Solution?

If you have an ant infestation, you need to look for a solution that presents the minimum level of risks. Since the vinegar is all-organic ingredient, it does not pose any threat to your health. However, some of you may find the smell of the vinegar irritating. Therefore, adding essential oils will make the solution less offensive. While this will not kill the ants, this will still be effective in removing the trail of the ants. 

There are some situations when the use of vinegar will not be enough. You may use this as a supplemental solution together with other preventative measures. For instance, you may use citrus juice or chalk. Understand that the organic solutions have their limitation. If the ant infestation is too severe, you should allow the professional to treat the ant infestation. They can provide you a range of solution after they inspect your house.