Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Extract:
Homemade Ant Control Method

Ants can be a nuisance to our home. They can carry microorganisms that can contaminate our food source. Since they love the taste of honeydew, they will also protect the insects that produce them such as mealybugs and aphids. Once they made it inside your house, it will take several weeks before you finally drive them away from your house. Using bait and bug spray will not only be costly, it is also related to some health risks. Fortunately, there are organic products that you can use to drive them away.

Using Lemon Against Ants

Lemon is perhaps one of the most popular repellents against ants. While you may use chalk or vinegar to keep them off your house, lemon juice is still the better solution. Simply mix lime juice and pure lemon juice with water. This will then be an effective repellent without the excessive cost. Make sure that you are only using the pure extract and not the lemon concentrates that you can avail on your convenient store. Usually, the commercially available concentrates have an added sugar that will not be as effective as the pure lemon.

The ants will be attracted to sugar. They will not be hampered by the strong scent of the lemon extract. In addition, added sugar can make your surface sticky. You should only use the pure extract that has been diluted with water. Here’s how you can use the lemon juice.

  • Cut the lemon into two and rub this on the trail and entry points of the ants. 
  • You can squeeze it and pour the content directly on their access holes. 
  • In case you are cleaning your kitchen, you might want to mix lemon into your dishwashing solution.
  • You should not discard the lemon peel since they can also repel the ants. You can distribute the grated peel all over your garden. 

Cayenne Pepper Against Ants Infestation

Just like how they hate the lemon extract, ants also stay away from the scent of cayenne pepper. When using cayenne pepper, start by looking for the place of infestation. You can easily determine the nest of the ants by following the trails. This is since the ant will forage food and take it back to their nest. Simply sprinkle the cayenne pepper along the trail and entry points of the ants. The powerful scent will mask the trail pheromones of the ants. You should also sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the foundation of your house and other areas where the ants can be found.

The natural and organic ant control method exists; however, there are no scientific studies that will support the efficacy of these non-toxic repellents. Using the methods, we mentioned above may greatly reduce the presence of ants in your house. While they are a lot safer compared to the chemical treatments, you also need to know that there are some limitations in the result of the organic repellents. If these control techniques will not help you solve the ant problem, ask the ant control experts about a better solution.