Are Cinnamons and Salts Effective Against Ants?

Ants are undoubtedly a major nuisance in our residential and commercial properties. These crawlers will be very persistent when they are foraging their foods. They will be searching on different parts of your property and it will be difficult to drive them away. Usually, people will be trying to use homemade ingredients to manage the ant infestation. However, most of these solutions will not deliver your desired result.

DIY Solution and Ant Control Myths

Most of the organic solution comes with limitation. They will not eliminate your ant problem completely. Usually, they can find other ways on how to sneak back inside your house. Let us enumerate some of the homemade solution and determine if they can truly help us with our ant issue.


Some experts will tell you that a cinnamon can be an efficient ant control method. They believed that the strong scent of the product will be offensive for the ants. Experts recommend the use of essential oil rather than sticks or powdered cinnamon. According to others, you can simply dip a cotton ball on a cinnamon essential oil and leave it in the entry point of the ants. In case this is your chosen solution, you may have to replace the cotton ball multiple times.

Cinnamon when used as an ant repellent will only be effective to certain extent. According to the study that was published at the International Journal of Scientific and Research, cinnamon will not only repel it but will also exterminate the ants but only to a minimal degree. 

There is a certain catch on the effectiveness of the cinnamon. Usually, this will depend upon the concentration of the cinnamon essential oil. Placement of the repellent also play a crucial role on its efficacy. Determining the proper area to place the repellent can also be difficult for those who lack the experience.


Salt can be a natural control treatment for ants but only if it is properly used. One effective way to use this is to mix the salt with the hot water. You need to wait until the solution will be cool enough to be placed inside the spray bottle. You will then spray it on the ant hill. Another possible way to do this is to mix it with the boiling water and directly pour it on the mound of the ants. However, this method will not destroy the colony. Understand that the nest of the ant is composed of a complex tunnel. The queen ant is in the deepest area of the tunnel and will remain unaffected by your salt solution.

Apart form this, you may also combine salt, bran, and sugar that will kill the ants. In order to concoct a solution that has a consistency of paste, you will have to mix 25% water and salt, 10% sugar, and 65% bran. This will also attract the attention of other insects.

Simple home ingredients can help you stay away from ant problems. However, you need to know how you will properly create the repellent and apply it on the area of infestation.