Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

It is quite irritating how ants can manage to find their way even on the obscure areas of our house. After watching how they will devour our box of cookies, no one will feel hospitable towards these tiny creatures. To get rid of the ant infestation, there are toxic chemicals that you can use that will kill them immediately. However, these products also come with detrimental effects toward your health. To avoid this, you should stick to the homemade treatments.

How to Eliminate the Ant Infestation Naturally

There are some materials in your home that can be used to effectively repel the ants. However, you still must be aware about the limitation of these treatments. Here are some of the possible solution that you may use.

Essential Oils

When the worker ants are hunting their food, they will release chemical cues that will help the other ants find the trail towards the food. Essential oils can overpower the scent that the ants will leave behind. Some of them will be more effective than the others.

  • Peppermint Oil — Apart from being effective, peppermint oil will also have an amazing scent. When using this, you should place some essential oil in the cotton ball and wipe it on the entry points and along the trail of the ant. You may have to repeat the procedure after a couple of days.
  • Tea Tree Oil — This is an all-purpose essential oil that comes with antiseptic and disinfectant property. You should use this on the same manner as the peppermint oil.
  • Clove Essential Oil — This product contains eugenol as its base ingredient. This is an insecticide that is effective against a range of pests such as mites, wasps, flies, roaches, and ants.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another natural method is the use of diatomaceous earth. Be sure that the product that you are using is food-grade. Remember that a slight amount of boric acid can be dangerous to your kids. Therefore, we are advising the use of diatomaceous earth. This is a powder form that is derived from the fossil of the pythoplankton. When you spread it directly on the insect, it will be dissolving their exoskeleton that will make them lose moisture.


The vinegar spray will work the same way as the essential oil. It will mask the scent that the ants release to keep ants away. Vinegar spray should only be used as a supplemental solution. It can be sued in conjunction with citrus and essential oil spray. To make a vinegar spray, you will have to mix the apple cider or white vinegar to water. Place it in a spray bottle and apply it directly on the affected area. When using the spray, be sure that you will shake it first before spraying it on the ant.

As we mentioned above, natural treatment method comes with certain limitations. You will have to reapply this after a couple of days to guarantee that your house will be free from ant infestation.